Sally Photo
Sally in Indonesia

Sally Schwieder a.k.a Sallygator

I contacted eBay after they made some changes and I could not operate my own page. I told eBay I needed an expert in Las Vegas to help me. They referred me to Sally who was a, “Certified eBay Expert”.
Sally and I had so much in common, and she complemented me with the areas of expertise she had.
Sally was the most talented person I know in resales. In the 1970s and 1980s, Sally had guided her husband to go to engineering school, then to work for Aramco in Saudi Arabia. While Chuck was working, the Saudi’s pampered the wives and offered all kinds of trips and shopping sprees, and Sally took every opportunity to travel all over the world, buying and selling along the way.
Sally was an expert in Indonesian, Asian and Middle Eastern, and knew rugs, metals and baskets better than anyone. Sally had so many talents from eBay, to textiles, to sales, but she also had a quadruple “A” personality, and ran circles around all of us.
Sally was my best friend and she was family to me. She was always looking out for my best interest.
Sally left Las Vegas for a year and was ready to comeback in March 2020 when she became ill while visiting her friends on the west coast. Days before I was to pick her up at the airport, she was taken to a hospital and then passed away May 2020.

Sally is irreplaceable.  I have not found anyone that could replace her business ethics, talent, experience, loyalty, sense of responsibility, kindness, generosity and friendship.

I would not have accomplished what I have without Sally being there those 10 years. Sally is one in a million and I am grateful that I had her in my life and business for those incredible years.