Professional Appraisal Services for Your Property

Personal Property Appraisals

I specialize in personal property appraisals for homes or businesses. I am an ISA Appraiser and USPAP Compliant, International Society of Appraisers, Member which is the difference between a professional appraiser and a novice.


Purpose of an Appraisal

The purpose of an appraisal can vary. It may be as simple as helping an individual understand the value of an item they want to sell or assisting the court in determining the value of items that need to be liquidated for damages in a bankruptcy. The appraisal may be needed for insurance purposes, estate planning, probate, dissolution of a marriage or business, equitable distribution, donation, gift, or for many other reasons.

Whatever the need is for the appraisal, you should research the credentials of your appraiser and conduct a full interview.


  • Initial telephone consultation to determine services needed and scheduling of an appointment.
  • Execute a contract outlining the scope of work.
  • On-site inspection by the appraiser (and staff) of specified items, including inventory, measurements, photos, and notes.
  • Research, market analysis, and valuation are conducted in the office.
  • Report writing and documentation. Each item (or a group of items) will have a description, condition, value, and photographs. The client determines the style and type of appraisal they want.

Service Area

I can travel anywhere in the world when requested by the client.


For security reasons, appraisers do not discuss their clients or their merchandise. All information pertaining to the appraisal is confidential. The report information contained therein will be disclosed only to the client. Access to others will be granted only with permission from the client or by court order.


Consultation is free. A signed contract and deposit are required at the time of inspection. The balance is due and payable prior to receipt of the appraisal or results.