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Susan Russell

Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist Seal
ISA International Society of Appraisers Accredited Member
SBA Woman Owned Small Business

About Susan

Growing up in Las Vegas, Susan Russell worked in her father’s demolition and salvage business selling everything from fork lifts to box trailers, and chandeliers to sterling silver.  Susan went to work at Caesars Palace in Entertainment and Special Events involved in every aspect of producing every special event and live concert at what was the only four-star hotel in Las Vegas at the time.  This experience proved to be beneficial later when conducting auctions and estate sales.

Since May 2010, Susan has exclusively handled the appraisal and liquidation of fine Las Vegas estates. Susan is a Personal Property Appraiser, USPAP Compliant, Member of Certified Appraisal Guild of America and International Society of Appraisers.

Susan’s clients include Wells Fargo Bank, Comerica Bank, United Bank of Switzerland, Bankruptcy Trustees, Justice Department (F.B.I.), Attorneys, and prominent Las Vegas Families and Celebrities including The McGuire Sisters, Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme, Music Producer David Saltz, and Television and Movie Producer Robert Solo.

Susan’s charitable work includes the Salvation Army, Heaven Can Wait Animal Society, and Child Haven- the county facility for abused and neglected children.

Demetre Chiparus Bronze Sculpture Sold by Premiere Auctions and Estate Sales


Personal Property Appraiser

USPAP Compliant
International Society of Appraisers, Accredited Member


Liquidations | Auctions | Estate Sales | Buy-Outs

Specializing in High End Art, Jewelry, Coins, Antiques, Luxury Items, and Celebrity Estates

County Auction License Number: 2000063.105

City Auction License Number: A20-00055-4-150709

Real Estate Broker-Salesperson

Las Vegas Realty
License Number BS.0030265

Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist

Heritage Luxury Real Estate Auctions Referral Partner

Licensed Since 1992

MISSOURI AUCTION SCHOOL, St. Louis, Missouri, 2010
Auctioneer License

APPRAISAL SCHOOL, Kansas City, Missouri, 2010
Member, Certified Appraisal Guild of America

2016-2017 USPAP 15 Hour Course – The Appraisal Foundation

2020-2021 USPAP 15 Hour Course – International Society of Appraisers

2020 International Society of Appraisers – Diminishing Values

2021 International Society of Appraisers – Core Class

2021 International Society of Appraisers – Office Hours with the Director of Education

2021 International Society of Appraisers -The World of Pearls

2022 Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist
2022 International Society of Appraisers – Appraisal of Fine Arts Course

2022 International Society of Appraisers – Antiques, Furnishings, and Decorative Arts Course

2022 International Society of Appraisers – The Appraisal Report Market Analysis and Credible Data Usage

2022 International Society of Appraisers – Don’t Dismiss the Closet! Do you know the difference between authentic luxury goods vs. fake ones?

2023 Appraisers Association of America – Recognizing Picture Frames of Value and Importance

2023 USPAP 15 Hour Course – International Society of Appraisers

2024 Appraisers Association of America – Brutalism: Overview and Current Market


While adhering to the highest ethical standards, I will give you the tools you need to get the most value for your personal property.

– Susan Russell

My passion is personal property. I love going into clients’ homes and seeing what they have. I love walking into a home of normal household contents and finding a $20,000 painting on the wall that they did not even know they had. I love to see buyers win items at auction and know they are going to cherish the item for many years, just as the seller did! (My sellers love knowing the buyer will cherish it).

My expertise is not only helping to identify the value of items, but also helping my clients get that item to the right market for the most money.

I love normal household contents, too!

I also help clients find specific works of art or select items such as silver, bronze, designer.

Before you hire an estate sale company, ask these important questions first:

When seeking any estate liquidation company, please ask to see their business license to conduct Estate Sales or Personal Property Brokerage in your jurisdiction.  We must have a business license in each jurisdiction (the City of Las Vegas, Clark County, City of North Las Vegas, Henderson or Boulder City). Also, ask for proof of insurance and bonds. Ask them about their experience, and ask for 5 references of happy clients.

Make sure the company you select spends the time researching your items, and prices each item!  Whether you hire me or not, I want to talk to you and tell you what to ask and what to look for so you do not get hurt by a few of the companies that do not have the same standards the PROFESSIONAL Estate Sales Companies in Las Vegas adhere to.

You want someone that works full time in personal property valuation or sales, not a friend or Real Estate Agent that wants to help, but does not know what the property is worth. You want someone that has a Tax ID and collects Nevada Sales Tax. Ask to see their Tax ID. “Cash Only” is a red flag.

You want someone that knows the difference between Libbey Glass, and Val Saint Lambert, and the difference between a print, and a limited edition.  You want someone with contacts they reach out to for help with specialty pieces.  You want to hire a company that knows what they are selling, and does not sell a $4,000.00 piece of art for $100.00.

Look for a professional and well thought out contract.  Is it only two paragraphs, and copied so many times you can barely read through the copy marks on it?  That is not a professional company.  And don’t be afraid to hand write changes on the contract. For example:  Seller retains full rights and possession on any and all items discovered by Estate Sales Company, that were not previously known to exist by Seller. This way, if they find jewelry that you did not know was hidden, they cannot tell you it is theirs to sell and you owe them a commission, and make you purchase it back!  It happens, and those companies are not professional.

Estate Sales Companies are not licensed to clean houses. When they offer this service, ask to see the business license and insurance of the people that do the actual cleaning. And whatever you do, do not let the Estate Sale Company, or cleaning company take the merchandise at the end of your sale!  Make sure the small stuff gets to the Salvation Army and the large stuff gets to auction.  A respectable Estate Sale Company will assist you with all of this.  We often see “leftovers” at future sales of some of these companies! Through my professional affiliations, I have contacts around the world, so I can ensure that your leftover items will reach the best buyers, or be donated according to your wishes.

Do not pay a large fee upfront. A nominal fee is okay, but why would you pay the company upfront? They need to work at selling your property and earn their commission, so they will work hard.

Look for someone with experience, and do not be afraid to call three or more companies to interview! Your assets are too valuable to leave in the hands of someone that is not properly licensed or insured, or a novice.

I do not group things together or sell your kitchen items packed together in a 18″ x 18″ x 18″ box for $5.00 “just to blow it out.” I work much harder for my clients! I may send items to auction at the end of the sale, but I try really hard to sell them at the sale! This is why my sales last a long time. Not every sale is the same – some may require an appraisal.

I am a Real Estate Broker-Salesperson – licensed since 1992 – and my license currently hangs with Las Vegas Realty LLC.  The Code of Ethics for Realtors is higher than anything you will see in Personal Property Sales, and I follow that Code of Ethics when conducting Estate Sales.

Please contact me for a FREE CONSULTATION.  If I cannot help you, I will refer you to a trusted Estate Sales Company. The last thing the PROFESSIONAL Estate Sale Companies want is for any seller to have a bad experience.  Stick with the professionals!

In the News

Chinese Underglaze Copper Red Peony Dish, Ming Dynasty, Hongwu Period

My mentor

– Sally Schwieder a.k.a Salligator

Sally Schwieder

I contacted eBay after they made some changes and I could not operate my own page. I told eBay I needed an expert in Las Vegas to help me. They referred me to Sally who was a, “Certified eBay Expert”.

Sally and I had so much in common, and she complemented me with the areas of expertise she had.

Sally was the most talented person I know in resales. In the 1970s and 1980s, Sally had guided her husband to go to engineering school, then to work for Aramco in Saudi Arabia. While Chuck was working, the Saudi’s pampered the wives and offered all kinds of trips and shopping sprees, and Sally took every opportunity to travel all over the world, buying and selling along the way.

Sally Schwieder in Indonesia
Sally Schwieder

Sally was an expert in Indonesian, Asian and Middle Eastern, and knew rugs, metals and baskets better than anyone. Sally had so many talents from eBay, to textiles, to sales, but she also had a quadruple “A” personality, and ran circles around all of us.

Sally was my best friend and she was family to me. She was always looking out for my best interest.

Sally left Las Vegas for a year and was ready to comeback in March 2020 when she became ill while visiting her friends on the west coast. Days before I was to pick her up at the airport, she was taken to a hospital and then passed away May 2020.

Sally is irreplaceable. I have not found anyone that could replace her business ethics, talent, experience, loyalty, sense of responsibility, kindness, generosity and friendship.

I would not have accomplished what I have without Sally being there those 10 years. Sally is one in a million and I am grateful that I had her in my life and business for those incredible years.